Size Chart

At All That She Needs we believe that all women are shaped uniquely. Two women can stand next to one another shaped very similarly but wear different sizes. After talking to many women we've realized that size charts create more confusion when it comes to determining the size we should select, therefore we don't have charts on our site. We prefer to give each customer the individual attention that's necessary to help make a better decision.

There are many of factors that come into play when selecting the perfect size. One of the main factors is fabric. Ex. A woman can wear a size 12 in a pair of denim jeans that don't contain material with stretch (Lycra, Viscose, Polyester blend, etc). However, give that same woman a pair of denim jeans with Viscose and Lycra and she will more than likely be able to decrease by one pant size. 

Our products at All That She Needs contain many of materials that can change the size that a woman may have initially thought she wore in certain products. WE ENCOURAGE our customers to reach out to us via email or by phone with any product questions they may have ( We are open to answering any questions to help make a better decision when it comes to product purchase.